Thursday, 8 September 2016

My Beautiful Garden Today - written 8th September 2015

My beautiful garden today
(Click over photo to enlarge)

Please come into my garden, you are so welcome!

I love my garden, especially today, because it's the best garden in the World,
I have searched everywhere today and cannot find one weed!
But I did find lots of nice things, of which I want to tell you about!

I have many boulders in my garden, but one very special boulder which lies in the Woods,
Special ! (Ssssh) because some very rare plants grows from the top of the boulder!
I call the plant "Polly" and she is a fern, but not just any fern she is "Cambricum". 
I have another three places in my garden were my Delta (Deltoid) lady grows. 
I try and check up on Polly and her offspring every year if I can - so look at Polly posing!

My Delta Lady "Polly" and she is "Cambricum"
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Its a joy to travel over silver waves which sparkle in the sun, just like they do today,
He crosses the canyons of dark and deep, and stretches his veins far and wide,
"He's gone over today" has "Old Man's Beard", a reminder I get very regular!
His flower has now turned to glistening silk 

A Joy to Travellers or is it a  Old Man's Beard (Click over photo to enlarge)
Clematis shouts "This is as far as I am going my friend" at least for now!
I'm from far South origins and must be at my Northern limits.
You've seen my best, and for the rest, come again another year!

His "beard" doth glisten in the mighty sun  (Click over photo to enlarge)

So to finish off! we go from old "wrinkly" to "crinkly",
Hart's Tongue has gone crinkly around the edges and looks different to the rest,
But to all the plants I have seen today your still "one from the best"

Harts Tongue Fern - Unusual variant!