Saturday, 9 January 2021

January Jollies (9th Jan 2021)


January jollies…..(in 100 yards and less than 1 hour – close to home and I guess that’s what they call local!)


It was about three weeks ago I saw my first snowdrops,

I am enjoying the first posy of primroses that came to our garden four weeks ago.

So strong they push off this freeze with just a frown whilst looking down.

Some Polypodies are regular and normal and ordinary, but some,

are big show offs today! with their halo freeze and shivering need.

Freezing colours of yellows and reds and pinks which are hard to knock out!

Campions are champions, Herb Rob does not sob, whilst Nipplewort hangs on.

Bridleway trees are sapped of their blood, just where they are stood,

With listening lots of brown Jelly Ears catching all, each sound that’s around.

the floor bears old earthstars still doing their best to puff and pant and smoke.

Christmas has gone, but Turkey Tails hang on.

Shi-shi-shi- vering now! Going home, exercise done, mind in prose mood.

9th January 2021.