Monday, 2 December 2019

Redwing In the Crags/Time is When/Nature Awareness/and Returning to their Roost

Redwing in the Crags (being disturbed they moved across - not altogether but in singles and pairs)

I heard the rare Redwing roost call,
In the Crags, without bags
No! Number 15 theres been,
munching the reds so bright, sunlight,
Still going past maybe now twenty
made the entry and crossed the sunlitten blue sky,
bye bye!

Time is when! (opinion formed on half a tale)

They only have time to listen to some of a story
and from that their opinion is formed,
It doesnt matter who reads it,
What matters is they find it!
to read, the seed...

Nature awareness!

Learning whats about
will save you the doubt..

Returning to their roost – (1st Dec 2019 Holme Stinted Pastures)

The closing hour at Holme Stints,
Hundreds of mixed thrushes gorging themselves,
With red berries filling their crops! Cackling
Of Blackbirds, quiet zits from Songies,
Chaks from Fieldies, and many see-ips
From the reds, before their beds.
The roost got a boost and weighed more tonight!
Some went off North to Newbiggin, but
Most went to the nearby Crags.
Restless they will be, for another hour after tea.

About three thirty the sky got dirty with parties
and scores of Shebbies (Starlings), 
straight through they went,
Without being bent,
 to a dropping down sun in their West.