Monday, 20 February 2012

Whos that? Marsh Helliborine with her frill...

A local site I like to visit each year especially during June and July bears such beauties of over 1000 flowering spikes of the rare "Marsh Helliborine". Probably for me the most beautiful of the orchids.
Who's that? Marsh Helliborine in her frill" (28th June 2011)

A Lesser Whitethroat was there greeting in song.
It sang and it sang the whole time long.
The Pyramidal was back, again on its own,
Stood there looking much forlorn,
But who's that I see peeping the corner?
Its Marsh Helliborine showing off with her frill,
Her friends, all 664 where here, ther and on side of hill,
That's only a sample of what's t0 come, co blimey!!

And below is another I did about the Marsh Helliborine:

Marsh Helliborine (5th July 2011)

Methodically counted, One thousand and Fifty flowering spikes,
And more to come, last year it was Six hundred and twenty six.
Last year you were in six areas, this year you have eighteen.
Some of you are tall this year, as tall as you do get,
A few of you have twenty five flowers, mostly down one side,
Far less than that for most of you, for your turn has to come.