Saturday, 11 January 2014

Green Spleenwort

Green Spleenwort on Hutton Roof "With dangling Dreadlocks"
I have been able to find three separate populations of this rare fern on Hutton Roof Common. Whilst writing a couple of little poems, I just couldnt help but realize how they reminded me in particular of "dangling dreadlocks" and reggae music.  The 2nd poem was written when I found one area where they were about seven separate plants within a area of about 15 square yards diameter and this for now I have called "the viride motherland".

"The green spleenwort dangles like dreadlocks,
It's home, a dark wet nook, crevice or cleft,
Or fissure, crack, cranny or slit or split,
Half expecting reggae - but settle for it's rock"

12th September 2013.

"I looked for it for years - Asplenium viride,
for years I found - Asplenium trichomanes,
but at last I've found viride's motherland,
with dangling "dreadlocks" all around"

14th September 2013.