Monday, 25 June 2012

Not unlike "The first rev of the motorbike"

Extracts from my notebook of 20th June 2012. (Dalton deforested/upper)

"As you approach and walk past the fresh "cowpat", there is such a din, a immediate sudden thunderous large drone which seems instant. The large gingerish flies have been busy or were busy until I disturbed them. "The sound was like a instant gush of wind with echo", here and gone within that split second. Reminding me of a synchronized action like "swarms of fish on the turn", or Starlings at their murmurations.

"Sky" the lark is calling from above and at his best, and he's mimicking the missing Tree Pipits! which are here and quiet, too busy feeding their Cuckoo chicks!

Passing yet many more "pats" and its the same sudden "noise" not unlike the virgin train passing through Carnforth Station, but not the steel, just the "hum" not unlike the first rev from that motorbike. It all starts and stops with instant and equal halt!
No winds to spoil, that sound today"