Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hurry Up Before They Fill Pond In

The inspiration for this sketch and poem, came from a recent political situation that had arose  within Haslingden in East Lancashire, whereby a well established purpose built "wildlife pond" which was established in the nineties.  Yet  a company who had recently acquisitioned the land had put forward plans to fill the pond in.  The Company have for now at least withdrawn their planning application. 
Ponds been “filled In”
A remember ambling up that road carrying jam jar by the string.
I was so pleased at what I’d caught, couldn’t wait to show my dad,
Two sticklebacks were a swimming round, many times within that jar,
All folk I saw going up Hud Hey would stop and take a look and smile.

Other times I go to “pond” to look at all that spawn,
I’d go again another day to watch the tadpoles hatch and swim.
Sometimes I’d try and catch them and let them go again,
Besides them were the “whirlygigs” who’d spin and spin and spin,

Only place I ever saw the dragonflies and little damsel flies as well,
Was down at rushy edge of that little pond down near Carr Mill,
And close by Swinnel, I’d see the Bullheads and loach we called the catfish,
They are good times to remember, how lucky we all where.

Its changed a lot since them “little boy days” and what a shame me thinks!
Most ponds and lodges are not around these days because they’ve been filled in.
In fact I can count over ten that have, and never known one new one to been made.
So it’s a reet poor do for young ones trying to learn the trade.
Bryan Yorke 7th September 2012.