Monday, 20 January 2014

Chaffinch fighting in the road.

(I have seen birds fighting in the road, and they are very reluctant to move, in fact some don't move and suffer the consequence!  Fortunately mine did move out of the way).

Here's a ditty for a day,
For you to fly another day,
Cock Chaffinch.

He fight to the dearth that Robin,
Seen Blue Tits fight so bad,
But the worst are the blackbirds,
Even the Chaffinch are scrapping,
Wouldn't get out of the road,
Tussel and roll like a ball,
From this side to that.
Leap to spar in mid air clash,
Too interested in his opponent,
Now no caution or adherence,
Senses blinkered if not gone.
One challenge uses all life at once,
Who calls the bluff, whose weakness,
Who gives for just that split second,
All now will be over, for both,
The victor and the flee-er.

9th May 2013.