Wednesday, 26 March 2014


My Fresh Green "Whirlycurlymagig" - Birds Foot Sedge (Carex Ornithopoda)

The Bendy Entangled “Whirlycurlymagig”

You most beautiful green “whirlycurlymagig”,
A green so special, and later with yellowing and burnt,
You turn, twist, and intertwine with such ease,
You are special and have more bends in you,
You just keep bending and bending and twisting,
And curving.

You are so different, your leaves tell me so,
All they want to do is stretch out and bend over,
Until they touch the floor, many times, all over,
A true jungle within thee and stabilizers without,
You’re a totally different green to everything else,
And stand out from the rest, to the one that knows!

Your called a sedge, The Birds Foot Sedge,
In May you have a foot and its claw hooked!
Its ever so small to see, but it’s there as clear, clear can be.
“Carex Ornithopoda” is your Sunday best name.
But your not just any old “Carex”,
You are the special one, you are,
My fresh green “whirlycurlymagig”.

By Bryan Yorke
5th August 2012.

(This is one of many plants I managed to find on Friday last, but appealed to me so much because of its dense green colour which is not noticed that much, usually they have more of the lemony tinge to them- and when you looked close to it you could appreciate "the bendy entanglement")