Monday, 30 November 2015

Wild, Wet and Wonderful!

Another day, another dollar! is what was said,
till retirement became the winner,
I can more or less do what I want today,
And I would love to go clambering around the fells,
searching out aspleniums and scollies and the rest,
But its raining yet again and it wont stop!
I wonder if cavemen worried about rain!
I have wellies, raincoat, leggings and a hat,
But have I the get up and go mindset!
Or shall I stay here at the computer thinking about it!
After all I could write about it all in the dark hours.
For starters, I will imagine it's sunny and beautiful,
just like it was not so long ago.
Then I'll try as Rud said (and be a man my son!),
And get up and taste reality at its very best,
Wild and wet and wonderful.

30th November 2015