Friday, 4 December 2015

A poem dedicated to the Swifts and Bats in the Belfry


God gave me his planet for today and no more,
That suits me fine, I can live with that, it makes it simpler!
I will have a far less selfish lifestyle today, after all days only come in ones,
So today it is! I can enjoy so much in one day, if I only open my eyes,
And look around at the beauty my God is always showing me.

Thanks to God today, I am not the be all and end all, and that I am aware of just that!
All creatures great and small are also equal in Gods eyes and loved by him just as much.
I believe his wisdom is passed on to me today by those same creatures if only I realize and accept.
But the lesson I must learn is to try and understand and be sympathetic to nature,
Learn it, accept it, and most importantly live with and amongst it, and not above it!

Man makes no life, he is purely but a tool, where nature makes everything,
That very power greater than I shall enlighten as soon as I am ready to understand,
Today I want to be ready to understand, and on his side,
And not struggling through on my own has most others seem to do.
If I look at nature long enough, and show my sharing attitude,
I might just get a very special feeling or reward for the very first time.

 Poem written by Bryan Yorke on 3rd December 2015

The Poem was written during a bout of frustration over a local political situation regarding the Swifts. And it is said that it can sometimes be a good thing to vent your frustrations by writing it down and in doing that it can help to bring about a better understanding of the situation or at least find a way to accept the situation.  One thing is for sure it certainly gets you going with inspiration.