Thursday, 29 March 2012

Blackbird is the lead chorister - Dawn Chorus (March 28th)

Every path, Lane, Street, Road, Cul-de-sac- Hamlet wherever! theres a very special "Dawn Chorus" going on with a mixture of birds singing their little hearts out.

Who's always the frontrunner or lead chorister, who sits so sentinel, every day on top of that same tree, and not only here but at all the other locations as well. Of course it is the Blackbird. Today he will let you walk straight under the tree he is singing from, without bothering one little bit. Unusual as a rule but not today for the "Dawn Chorus".

What other birds are joining in this most beautiful serenade? I certainly recognize the Robins, Dunnocks, possibly Wrens, Great Tits and Blue Tits and sometimes that competitive Song Thrush.

"Never to be took for granted
I open up my ears,
To the greatest of sounds I'll ever hear,
To start that day so full of cheer,
That "Dawn Chorus" so sweet, so dear,
Oh! so, so, near.