Friday, 17 February 2012

Ay Rag Booen - 12th Feb 2012

"Ay Rag Booen" (12th Feb 2012)

"Rag Booen", Any Owd Rags",
"Ay Rag Booen" was what was shayted,
O'er many times a day,
Daern main Street ur back street,
It amplified away....

Thad hear his cart a trundling,
O'er setts his poony clipped,
From Top Oth' Town to further daern,
He'd do his daily trips.

Thank ya lass fur bundle ur rags,
And neh tha wants a "donkey stoowen",
Tu brighten up tha step and cill,
Well here thi are, in cream or grey,
A Donkey Stoowern to polish away.

Thank ya lad for bundle ur rags,
And thank thi muther too.
And neh I'll bring a smile to thee,
But first, goo home, and get a jar,
Then a "gowdfish to thee can be".

A remember, Mr. Mahoney,
And Mr. Capels too,
But the ones I remember best was George,
And his son Teddy too.
Thi wer the Rag and Boone Kings,
Who'ad shayt from behind reigns,
"Ay Rag Booen", "Any Owd Rags"......

(This is a poem I written about one week ago and refers to the rag and bone man who used to be frequent in the local area of Haslingden in Rossendale where I hail from. It was very colourful to see these chaps and they also offered "Donkey Stones" and "Goldfish", and sometimes "firewood", to their clients. You rarely see any Rag and Bone chaps these days in that area)