Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Passerine and Hirundine Bird Migration over Hutton Roof

Passerine and Hirundine migration corridors over Hutton Roof  
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This sketch shows the main directions of the movement of passerines and hirundines over Hutton Roof and in particular shows the "narrowed corridor" taken by the Meadow Pipits usually in the last week of September or the first week in October on their southerly migration. Quite a lot of the Mipits which come down the side of Farleton and also some that come down the Lune Valley will at the point of the "Kelker Well" make a lift and over the escarpment and onward across Uberash Breast or Uberash Roughs, over Dalton and continue South. Also of interest at Hutton Roof is the way that the Chaffinch passage instead of going directly South takes on a SW to NE and NE to SW, the Goldfinches also do a more direct South, yet the albas can be seen doing a SE.  Its as though most of the species have different routing corridors.