Saturday, 18 February 2012

Deardoro (February 2010)

The photo shown above is not "Deardoro" but of a Roe I had taken earlier at Beetham, and it well graces the field of "Betony".

This is another one of my early favourities. I used to take my wife each Tuesday morning to the swimming pool which was situated in the beautiful grounds of "Capernwray Hall", and I would park up and go off checking out nearby woodland called Lords Lot. On one particular Tuesday in February 2010, I noticed in field close to the copse on the boundary to the South Entrance that a "poor roe deer" was lying there dead and quite fresh. I am sure that it must have been a road casualty. The sight stayed with me for hours after and I just had to put pen to paper and here it is:-

Deardoro (February 2010)
Amongst the glistening snowdrops many,
In Copse to Capernwray,
There lay a sad one with life no more,
This doe had seen it's day.....

For sure you must have crossed that road,
A hundred times before,
That crossing was to be your last,
And never to do no more....

Laid there like that, you sorry sight,
I wish it could have been better,
For now the Buzzard and Crows will fight,
You to, will disappear forever.....

Just up the road, from here was Lords Lot,
A wood of pine and bracken,
Suprise was given to a pair of does,
They must be friends of that poor soul.

Sleep well Deardoro"..