Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pink Feet Stacking on Morecambe Bay Sketch

This was a small sketch I could not resist.... Reasons: On the 8th October 2011 I reported having had 63 Pink Footed Geese crossing over from Farleton Fell to Hale and then veering left (South) towards Morecambe, this would have been around the 1345hrs. And it later transpired that Jeff down in Morecambe had approx 60 Pink Feet crossing over Torrisholme (1453hrs) and seen yet again onwards at Aldcliffe and onward to Sunderland Point.

I thought they may have been the same birds as I had earlier at Farleton, and possibly they where. But if so it did seem a long time between me seeing them Nr. Hale at 1345hrs and Jeff seeing his at 1453hrs, so did it take them one hour eight minutes to traverse the short distance, seemed a long time to me.

Yet in another post Jeff came up with the possible answer "PERHAPS THEY WERE STACKED BY AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL" So I could not then resist doing this little sketch.