Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lots of Little Wilburs - (3rd October 2011)

(Inspiration: On a Windy night about 2130hours whilst going past Deerslet on the A6070, on way back to Burton In Kendal) Lots of spent sycamore leaves where being blown across the road, and at times I thought they could have been mice crossing the road) It seemed more appropriate at the time to do it in a "dialect"

LOTS OF LITTLE WILBURS (3rd October 2011)

A once ad a maiss cowd "Wilbur",

Wilbur, is that thee? tha daft beggar,
Why did ti run out in front tu car,
A cud have killed tha, tha nus.

Hay Ek! thas a cute little beggar,
Luckin up to mi wi that smile,
Eh an now thas givin meh a wink!
Well, well, have sin it all nay.
Tha tails wagging like it might drop off.

Now finish crossin rood Wilbur,
Afore tha gets run ooer.

A lucked in mirror, Oh no!
Of all the places,
A cars gunna tek me!
It ran straight over Wilbur,
Hi never stood a chance,
He was
What a shame

Winds strong tonight tha nus,
Its blewing owd sycamore leaves all ooer rood,
And stalks are stickin up like
Lots of little Wilburs...