Saturday, 18 February 2012

Three Swallows Do Make A Summer.

I wrote the "gist" whilst walking along Tarn Lane, Burton In Kendal on 9th April 2010, when three Swallows went overhead "twittering away". My first Swallow sighting of the year and certainly "MOST WELCOME"...
Swallow, Swallow, Swallow, chatterboxes over my head,
Your twittering is so welcome, I've waited for this for,
Such a long time....
Spring is here!

Blue sky with white fluffy herringbone, breaches the heights,
Carpeted Celandine strew the path,
That gentle breeze runs between them,
Tells Me,
Spring is here!

Hedgerows levelled of Hawthorn in green,
Bramble arms reach out with anew,
Nettle and Dock stand side by side,
Spring is here!

Bumblebees search endlessly, surveying cave and den,
While Ladybirds, sway too and fro on breezy blades of grass,
Oh its so good to be alive and witness this some more,
Another year has come about,
Spring is here!