Friday, 23 March 2012

Trig Point Drama with Smart ***

I was at the Trig Point yesterday and caught this conversation between Schoolmaster and Students from Heysham. Together with Smart ***. And this is how the conversation went.

Smart*** said to the students,
“What are you doing”?

And one of the students replied,
“We’re map reading”, and the master is setting out some co-ordinates for us to work out using the compass.

So Smart*** pulled out of his pocket a hand held GPS, and went on to say to the Students,
“Never mind all that stuff with the compass, why not use a GPS?”

So then the student replied
“But you get a far better reading from doing it the old way with the compass like we’re doing it”

And Smart*** replied!
"Oh yes I forgot", And did you know that you also get better results from working out sums in your head, rather than using a calculator!

(A true story what happened the other day at the Trig Point. (22nd March 2012)