Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Smart *** Gets the Whistle! (true story)

Smart *** has been seen again on his regular patch at Hutton Roof and guess what? He now has a story about the guy with a whistle, who had lost his wife. So the tale begins about 200 yards away from the Trig Point where Smart *** kept hearing a random loud pitched whistle going off intermittent, from somewhere in the direction of the Trig.

(Smart *** says) “good morning” to a man and women who had three or four dogs, and the couple were passing whilst on the narrow footpath, and wanted to stop and chat with smart ***

(The couple said) “ Well theres a guy up there at the Trig Point and he is very worried because he has lost his wife! He does seem distressed!

(Smart *** says), I thought I could hear distress whistles from way back. O Ek, I’ll dash along and see if there is anything I can do! Bye,

On reaching the Trig Point, there he is, sat down quite casually eating his butties and having a cup of coffee. But he did not seem too distressed, well not yet anyway…..
(Smart *** says), Hello, how are you?

(Man at Trig whos lost is wife says), OK I suppose, but I’ve lost the wife, we did not know which footpath to take, so she took the high road and I took the low, but its ages ago and god only knows where she is.

Smart *** says) I could hear you blowing the distress whistle from way back down there, (then jokingly, smart *** continued)… and I can honestly say it’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone calling in is wife with a whistle!

Smart *** (then back to serious talk, continues) “You know it might be better off if you blow your whistle with six loud intermittant calls, and then folk will take it more serious for a distress call!

(Man at Trig whose lost is wife says) But I don’t have a whistle! , the whistle you must have heard would be that couple who’s just passed with their dogs.

What a “nelly” Smart *** must have felt! Bye the way his wife did eventually turn up.