Friday, 9 November 2012

Bonfire at Martin Croft with Guy Fawkes.

Our Bonfire at Martin Croft with Guy Fawkes

Bonfires, Guy Fawkes, Toffee and Tatties

It was down to us to get the wood, and build, and build the stack,
We’d try and try to reach the sky, but could only ever go so high.
We’d mek a truck and a guy fawkes too, and go round every house,
Have you got a “penny” for the guy we’d showt with giggles all abowt!
After getting all the pennies from kind folk, to tuck shop we’d all go,
But later on we’d sit the guy in chair, and place him reet on top of stack,
And later on that very neet, would bonfire leet, to watch him burn away.

Farmers wife Joyce from Martin Croft, had been busy all the week,
She’d collected some of “turnip crop” and carved out all the centres,
Mekking such funny faces, which lit up with candles inside,
And had put a string from side to side and these to be our lanterns.
Mrs. Carey had made some “bonfire toffee, specially for the neet,
A remember little hammer she had, to break it up to size it reet.
Thad never tasted toffee like this, it was so “blummin” good

As night went on, they’d bring their “tatties” to put within the fire,
Many were lost and couldn’t be found, but them that could were black.
They’d come owt black as “up luvvers”  with hard burnt crusted skins,
But “by gum” insides of them tatties tasted so good, but you had to wait,
Wait to let em cool down abit, then get stuck in with tha black fingers.
Orange juice was the drink given to help to wash it all down.    

We had the best of fireworks, though probably tame today,
With Rockets, Roman Candles, Pin wheels, Jumpjacks and Bangers.
But lots and lots of “sparklers” and coloured matches as well.
Thi were such happy times, them bonfires of the past,
But one fellow who didn’t enjoy em same,
That “guy” who’d sat upon that chair, upon that blazin fire.
All but a “ember” now…..

By Bryan Yorke – August 30th 2012