Friday, 10 January 2014

The Discovery of the Holly Fern

The Holly Fern found on Hutton Roof on Aug 26th 2013 -
 Originally recorded in 1957 and was thought to have become extinct on Hutton Roof -
 The lowest breeding altitude of 884ft in the whole of the UK and possibly Europe.
A short poem to acknowledge the previous find, together with the general thoughts of it being extinct on Hutton Roof, and the summing up of finding it yet again in 2013.

"I searched out that "revered of ferns" year in year out,
  A record in 1957, with frond preserved in herbarium,
Since then it's remained a mystery, or thought to be extinct!
Until now in 2013 when "Holly" was "ferned" again"

(9th September 2013)

The short poem below was written on the finding of yet a further Holly Fern and so the thought is that if I can find one, then two, why not three! (three = everywhere!)

"Its made my day,
No! it's made my week,
In fact it's made my year!
Holly fern here, and holly fern there,
I can't give up now, the search is on,
To find that holly fern everywhere"

(17th September 2013)