Sunday, 9 February 2014

Dark Red Helliborine - 3rd July 2011 - Hutton Roof

A Lovely quartet of  Dark Red Helliborines - Hutton Roof

Dark Red Helliborine (3rd July 2011)

I searched and searched and searched some more,
To find that Orchid so red, it bled,
It was going to be in limestone gryke,
Or on the sides of fallen scree.

For instant, my search, I looked away,
And as if by gleeful chance,
My eyes fell into romantic glance,
For not far in front of me,
I could not help but see,
That Orchid I did search…

For more I searched, and more I found,
Within this rocky limestone ground.
Another three all tucked away,
Did hide as if to provoke delay,
Fear not Orchid I am but your friend,
And now its goodbye, but never the end.