Saturday, 8 February 2014

White Moss - Hale - May 2010

White Moss, Hale.

White Moss – Hale – May 2010

Pond skaters are skating,
Crows are cawing,
Hover flies are hovering, and,
Humming as well….

The Treecreepers trilling, whilst,
Climbing his tree.
The Rabbit is running,
The Pheasant is shrieking,
Whilst the Squirrel is bounding away….

The Raven is honking,
The Buzzard is mewing whilst,
Circling above.
Large Whites, Small Whites, Orange Tips and
Speckled Woods all flutter disorderly away….

This all went on in the ten minute slot,
At the White Moss plot to-day….

White Moss – May 2010.