Saturday, 28 March 2015

Understanding that picture on that wall!

Checking out works of art in Edinburgh Art Gallery - 2013

Have I the time to stop and stare
At someone else’s creation,
It could be a blank sheet of white,
Turned into a masterpiece of colour.

They have created that piece for all,
But pretend they did it for me,
It’s got to be worth stopping to stare,
And try and understand its depth.

Their story can’t be told by glance,
It wants to show you its fine romance,
And it will if you let it for sure it will,
But time it wants for its finer points.

Got it! it’s there, right there,
The story I found from within that work,
For you alone was the spirit to find, then feel,
Then cherish and hold within.

When you feel the spirit you have won!
The prize of what the author really meant,
For you to receive its riches..

(It was fabulous to try and understand Rembrants and Van Goth’s but even more fantastic to try and understand the unknowns or should I say the unknowns to me!)

I got told off whilst in the Museum, although I had already been there looking at works of art for over one hour previous, before a usher quickly came over to me when she saw me pointing towards a “umpteenth million pounds” worth of Rembrant,  and  she said how on earth have you managed to come in here with a umbrella (closed might I add). So I then pleaded my innocence in a strange accent to her which she struggled to understand! and then she replied in her strong Scottish tongue "you must go immediately to the security storeroom and leave the umbrella there if you wish to resume looking at the works of art")