Wednesday, 22 February 2012

It's Rural Tha Nus! (June 21st 2011)

(A record of events whilst walking up the bridleway "Slape Lane" Burton In Kendal and up towards Burton Fell to the Common) "Goldies" = Goldfinch.

Up "Slippery" to top of Fell.....
Passed Mi' Lord and Mi' Lady,
Like Red grapes or green grapes on a stalk
It hums round here to-day,
Well! It's rural tha nus!

Goldies, jingle jangling all around,
On wires, on trees, its premium sound,
The Thrush is singing to its peak,
Everywhere it's mimicking so to speak.
Bracken has grown up to a metre,
Soon it will be harder for the beater....
That's right! It's Rural tha nus!

Meadow Browns do flutter past,
Chasing another, but its going to fast.
Two Tree Pipits calling near top o'th' Fell,
Whilst parachuting down to tree in Dell.
This is the place where Graylings strike,
Play dead quite near to limestone gryke,
It all happens around here,
Well It's Rural tha nus!