Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A diary page of Nature events (19th May 2013)

This is a sketch I did on 19th May 2013 depicting nature notes on what was happening during that time
in and around the Burton In Kendal, Dalton and Hutton Roof Areas.
The Swifts had finally arrived back, about 12 days later than the norm. Found even more ancient
Woodlands which contained Herb Paris.  At Russell Farm in Dalton only 7 breeding Swallows
had returned compared to the usual of 34 birds, so obviously something is not right here!
The Redstart was first noted at the bottom of Burton Fell and later I found another couple
on this side of Burton.  The first Cuckoo was seen and heard on Dalton Crags on May 1st 2013 and
another was seen in the close company on May 15th 2013.  The parent birds usually stay around until about
Mid to late June, and the young are usually on their way to Africa by late July Early August.
 Early Purple Orchids were coming through throughout Dalton and Hutton Roof.