Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dalton Crags - The place to be!

Dalton Crags – The place to be for me to see…  Birds!
(Nov 14th 2011)

Without doubt the place to be for me to see,
Birds! And more birds, was Dalton Crags……
Straight away ten Fieldfares were having their say,
Cackling and chacking between feeding away.
Redwing at least forty were gliding and see-ipping,
Blackbirds four and twenty and the rest,
Sounded annoyed and scolded at their best.

Noisy the Greenfinch, trilled with joy,
Whilst softly does it those siskins ploy,
Explosive ticks of Hawfinch found,
Not one but eight did make that sound,
Noisily they left that beech so bare,
To another North West they did fare.
But back again tomorrow I’m sure,
For three weeks now, they’ve took the bow.

Jay at bay, skulking behind the hazels,
Pecker pecked on lonely trees,
Must make the most for now, without a care,
Cos Shrike’s not here yet, and I’d bet,
If he were he’d have his say,
Worth checking out another day……