Friday, 10 April 2015


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Today (April 10th 2015) I also witnessed 
"A Confusion of Willow Warblers" 
whilst up on Hutton Roof birdwatching
other collective nouns are known to be: 

"A bouquet" or a "fall"  or a "wrench" of Willow Warblers
Willow Warbler family is "Sylviidae"
"Flying in the dark through a moonlit sky,
Falling from high like little angels,
Floating down on a wavering leaf,
The confusion has now begun.
Our dear little Willow Warbler"

Daytime closed you was not seen,
Whilst morning wakes your plenty,
So tred so soft our leaf explorer,
A “bouquet” of special prize to us,
Our dear little Willow Warbler

Your music is a descending tale,
Which finish the year hou whit,
A choir with pairs sings thy will,
A “Fall” would be a lot of thee,
Our dear little Willow Warbler

Sylvia’s hand of lucid intricacy
You thread that weave so delicately,
To house and raise a splendid cast,
It’s a start to a “Wrench” fulfilled
Our dear little Willow Warbler 

(Poem written by Bryan Yorke on 10th April 2015)